A personalized portal

  • The WiFi service enables you to strenghten your service offering, which is why it is important to associate your brand on the portal.
  • Thus the portal is customizable: high definition photos, logo, colors, texts, etc.

An ergonomic portal

  • The service has to be easily accessible with all kinds of devices and web browsers: the Wifirst portal is therefore using responsive design.
  • The languages ​​available on the portal are: French, English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Chinese. The language configured in the customer's browser is detected to automatically display the site in the right language .

Communicate with your customers

  • Wifirst gives you the possibility to promote your services via dedicated spaces on the portal.
  • Moreover different types of streams can be linked to your personalized portal: Facebook page, Twitter, feed, Tripadvisor, etc.
  • And you can easily collect your customers’ email addresses.