Wifirst Center

The Wifirst Center is the monitoring and service management interface: it allows you to manage access but also to consult the network statistics, equipment status, etc.
  • Usage statistics

    Usage statistics
    With the Wifirst Center, the WiFi service will not have any secret for you! Check all network usage statistics: number of distinct users by month, volume of data exchanged, tracking sales if the access is not free, etc. The ergonomic interface of the page will allow you to easily navigate through all these data.
  • Network status

    Network status
    Information sharing and transparency are key points for a successful partnership. Therefore Wifirst allows you to track real-time network and equipment status: instantaneous flow rates, detailed tracking of incidents, use of bandwidth, etc.
  • Publication of messages

    Publication of messages
    The WiFi portal is a real marketing tool, and Wifirst Center integrates all the portal administration tools. You can communicate with your customers by publishing messages on the portal. Editable text boxes are at your disposal, etc. You are 100% autonomous as well! It is also from the Center Wifirst that you can collect your customers' emails.
  • Wifirst support access

    Wifirst support access
    You can use the Center Wifirst to contact our teams: all conversations are archived and allow effective monitoring of your requests.