About Wifirst

Incorporated in 2002, Wifirst is an ISP focused on deploying and operating high end and complex WiFi networks in MDU (multi dwelling units). Wifirst is a leader in the student accommodation market, and also operates in other segments such as campsites, resorts, hotels, health facilities, military bases, retail chains…
The company complies with all European telco and data privacy regulations, in particular privacy and security, lawful interceptions, radio emissions, etc.

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Headquarted in Paris, France, Wifirst has offices across Europe. Most of the central teams, including our Customer Service and Developer teams, remain close to the core operations in France. Wifirst is a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, a large international conglomerate with a strong arm in the communications sector. The Bolloré Group financial strength allows Wifirst to invest in the long term Company’s development and undertake large scale projects.


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Sites covered by Wifirst

Wifirst has an international network coverage, supported by a carrier grade backbone with points of presence in France, the UK and Italy. Wifirst relies on multiple telecom operators in order to bring the best service for the Customers in any area.

Units covered
Access points monitored
16000 TB
Data exchanged per month
Cities with at least 1 site
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